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Here's what to expect from "No Smudging Around Window Cleaning" Arrive on time because to arrive on time is a reflection of true professionals even a sign to clients "You are important to us!" as well as a friendly smile and good attitude.

We are excited and appreciate the invitation to your place of business for service. We will work as in such ways to not distract your customers. If we are washing one of the entry doors we will gladly open the door for your customers. If your lobby or waiting area is packed then we will move on to another section or task until the waiting area or lobby is available for cleaning. Our point is we care for your business and customers as they are our own.

Our window cleaners adhere to our company dress code and will maintain this policy, we understand first impressions are important. Professional courtesy and consideration; you can actually expect this at work or on our off time this goes to how we were raised as children, we care and respect others around us even more so our business and our community but especially the members whom we are grateful to call our clients.

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About Me
About Me

James F. | Business Owner

No Smudging Around Window Washing is a throw back as I will explain. In 2003 I came up with the name "No Smudging Around" Window Washing, I was young entrepreneur 18 years young however, I understood the internet of thing to come and the effect it would provoke in business technology. I was a book worm and a computer geek growing up but I thought I was pretty cool.

I was evolving so in 2014 I became CompTIA A+ Certified and Cisco Networking Essentials Certified and helped in building our business website which first deployed in 2019.

2020 No Smudging Around Network of Window Cleaning is our platform in which serves our paperless invoicing and client area offering convenience of invoice look up and service changes for our customers however this within it's self is a service for other window cleaners.

All our marketing and website efforts are in house I am a one man operation everything is carried out by me, James F. I will will be the guy to arrive to carry out our onsite estimate as well as cleaning the windows.

We strive to stand apart from other companies in how we conduct our business and especially the transactions of our business. We encourage feedback and hope to hear what you think of us.

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